A pair of bewbs

That's not to say it can't be used for your hands either. Although, it's probably safe to say a dryer of such structure is not for everyone. But there'll certainly be one demographic who'll appreciate drying their hands on this lovely pair. It seems to have taken the form of a busty sports bra, as opposed to one of a more sexy nature, but I suppose that'll all be irrelevant when you're copping a feel to dry your hands (or checking to see if it still works, whatever).

Now this would definitely be one way to keep entertained while drying your hands - that is if you happen to be one of the (apparent) few who still appreciates the rules of hygiene and actually washes their hands after visiting the lavatories.

Drying your hands can be such a boring task. But how on earth do you make hand dryer as interesting as say, reading a magazine while depositing a number two (sorry)? Well seeing as the McWash is no longer in action (when did that happen btw?) and the novelty of Dyson's super cool hand dryers have worn off, there needs to be a new and improved and fun way to desiccate those hands.

Could the BraDryer be it? Well no, because it turns out, BraDryer is not just a clever name given to a boob shaped hand dryer… it's not even a hand dryer - it's an actual bra dryer. I wasn't aware there was a desperate need for contraptions that specifically dry bras, but this concept device and its creators seem to think otherwise. Using IR heat and silent fans, the dryer removes the moisture from your under garments without that mean old dryer ruining expensive and much loved lingerie.

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