Encircling airflow

Placing your hands under the Sani-Dri hand dryer automatically activates the dual jet blowers. There are no buttons to press, repair or allow cross-contamination with surface contact. While your hands are being dried with the high powered streams of air, sanitizing ozone molecules are generated simultaneously. This leaves your hands not only dry but free from bacteria and pathogens.

Traditionally, businesses have used paper towels or ordinary slow speed hand dryers for people wishing to dry their hands. The Sani-Dri hand dryer not only combines high speed drying, but also utilizes ozone to keep the blowers clean from bacteria.

The Sani-Dri high speed ozone hand dryer installed at any restaurant, hotel, medical facility, school, gas station or other location would allow for tremendous cost savings and offer an environmental friendly green technology.

The Sani-Dri hand dryercan significantly reduce costs by eliminating expensive paper towel consumption. Companies and organizations no longer have to deal with the hassle of ordering paper towels, paying for the expense of product delivery, and replacing paper towels. The Sani-Dri hand dryer also eliminates waste and contamination from dirty towels, and lowers trash removal expense and labor costs.

Since the Sani-Dri hand dryer contains multiple high speed blowers, it creates a more encircling airflow, which speeds drying time and system operation. Simply place your hands under the dryer and it activates automatically. The hand dryer shuts off automatically once your hands are removed. This means reduced electrical costs, and less bacteria and pathogen transfer.

Most hand dryers have filters that build up with mold and bacteria, especially in high-humidity restrooms. However, the Sani-Dri hand dryer can effectively sanitize itself, as well as keep your hands sanitized. You no longer have to worry about re-infecting people's hands with a non-maintenanced, old-style hand dryer.

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