It seems like what?

What is a person supposed to believe?

Now, I don't know who funded this study, but a tissue company is publishing it on their website, so a "grain of salt" needs to be added. It may be like the chemical companies subsidizing the University studies that say their products are safe.

When forced-air hand dryer first came out, it seems to me they were touted as being more sanitary. I can't say they were faster, or less annoying and certainly not quieter, but it did reduce overflowing trash cans and in theory seemed to be less likely to transmit disease.

Hold it! Now comes this study from the University of Westminster, London, UK.… "Warm air dryers increase bacteria on hands".

We may need to go back to what our grandmothers told us and forget all this technology. Back before we knew better, we seemed to KNOW better. Milk is good for us, but is that before we took all the good stuff out of it and put all the "good" stuff back in it?

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