Exhibition of Hand Dryer

Hand Dryer Facts:

hand dryers are hygienic. Hand dryers have been proven to be the most sanitary method to dry hands.

hand dryers are maintenance friendly. Electric hand dryers ease the burden on maintenance staff. The use of paper towels involves constant order, stocking, cleaning and disposal. Paper towels clog toilets, litter floors and can be fire hazards. A school using 30 hand dryers saves one ton, or 17 trees worth of paper towels per year.

— Automatic dryers are durable and resistant. Hand dryers are vandal-resistant and durable under any circumstance. These dryers are perfect for high-traffic, high volume areas.

hand dryers are good for the environment. Paper towels can be made from recycled paper, but cannot be recycled. They create millions of cubic feet of waste in landfills. To make one ton of recycled paper, it takes 7,000 gallons of water, 158 million BTU's of energy and 60 pounds of pollutants go into the atmosphere.

hand dryershave cost savings benefits. As paper costs continue to rise, electric hand dryers eliminate the need for paper towels. Hand dryers usually pay for themselves within six months, compared to the expense associated with paper towel use.

— Automatic dryers are energy efficient. The production of paper towels is twice as energy-intensive as the use of hand dryers and creates more greenhouse gases. Over its lifetime, just one hand dryer will produce 3.0 tons less CO2 than the production of towels it replaces (4.6 tons vs 1.6 tons of CO2).

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